Dwarf White Isopods (20+)

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Dwarf White Isopods are small, softer bodied crustaceans that serve both as vivarium janitors and as supplemental food for herps, such as dart frogs and geckos, as well as invertebrates. Dwarf whites, also known as woodlice, maybe the most widely cultured species of isopod. Their adaptability makes them ideal for a variety of reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate habitat enclosures.

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In nature, isopods are primarily soil dwellers found in dirt, rotting wood, leaf litter, and decaying plant matter. Dwarf White’s are
a tropical species and do best in dimly lit tropical terrarium/vivarium habitats where temps range between 70-85 degrees F and
humidity is at 80-90%. They prefer a moist, tropical, organic substrate such as peat moss, coconut fiber, sphagnum moss, leaf
litter, and leaf compost.


Dwarf whites are omnivores and feed primarily on leaf litter, decaying plant matter, animal feces, and rotting wood. You can
also supplement their diet with fish food flakes/pellets, fruits, and vegetables.


  • Any plastic container (shoebox or sweater box) that retains moisture and retards predators will suffice
  • The culture growth rate will be directly proportional to food availability and container size (bigger = slower)
  •  Optimum breeding temperature is low to mid-80’s F (warmer = faster)
  •  Place culture in warm, dimly lit location
  • Substrate: Base layer: 2-3 inches of equal parts coconut fiber and peat moss, mixed and moistened (moist but not dripping wet) Top layer: layer of moist oak or maple leaf litter and oak/maple wood/wood bark
  • Feeding: Feed fruits, vegetables, and occasional fish food flakes/pellets
    Do not overfeed. Feed only when previous food is completely devoured.
  • Temperature & Humidity: Mist culture (with dechlorinated water) every 2-3 days. Keep base and top substrate layers damp and moist
    Maintain culture temperature at 80-85 degrees F for best breeding results


Dwarf Whites reproduce rapidly and are easy to culture. Females can have up to 4 litters a year, with 25 to 200 babies per litter.
The eggs are carried by the female in a pouch under her thorax. The young stay in the pouch for a few weeks after hatching. They
can take up to a year to reach their full adult size but begin breeding at 4-6 months old.


To harvest and relocate isopods from culture to habitat simply remove a portion of culture substrate (isopods and all) and place
it in the desired habitat. Isopods will also congregate on pieces of wood, bark, and cardboard. Any of these items can be carefully
removed from the culture, placed over the target seeding area, and gently tapped into the desired habitat. Dwarf Whites are
quite tiny so it’s very difficult to pick individuals out of culture without a magnifying glass.

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