About Me

My name is Jacob Renfro. I’m from Texas and I have always been extremely fascinated with entomology and natural sciences in general! Currently I reside in Austin, Texas and I am hoping to attend undergrad at UT Austin!

Shipping Policy and Arrive Live Guarantee

Shipping Costs

For shipping there is 2 options. Once you put your shipping information in, you will have the option to pick "Mantis" or "Feeder" shipping. Mantis Shipping is USPS Express Shipping (comes with Arrive Live Guarantee) this typically ships in 1 day. Feeder Shipping is USPS Priority Mail (does not include Arrive Alive Guarantee) this typically ships in 2-3 days. Shipping costs are calculated based on your location. If you have any questions please contact us.

When Deliveries Are Sent Out

We only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure you insects are not sitting in a USPS facility over the weekend. This gives you a very high chance of your insect(s) arriving alive and healthy. For example if you purchase Mantis 1 Day Shipping on a Friday your mantis will be shipped out on the next Monday and arrive Tuesday.

Arrive Live Guarantee

Arrive Live Guarantee is only available if Mantis 1 day shipping is purchased. If you purchase Feeder 2 day shipping the Arrive Live Guarantee will be Void. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Any Questions or concerns please contact us. If an insect comes DOA (dead on arrival) and you purchased 1 day express shipping then you must contact me no later than 24 hours after the delivery after the delivery with a picture as proof. After this we will be able to send you a new mantis. If you have any questions with the Arrive Live Guarantee Please contact us.

Shipping Issues That Can Happen

Shipping insects is a delicate procedure and to increase the chance of your critters arriving alive we reserve the right to delay any insects that are being delivered in an area that is deemed too rough of conditions such as heatwaves or snowstorms.

Instructions Before and After Shipping

Besides heat waves, storms, freezing cold weather, long weekends and delivery exceptions, your role as the receiver is very important. If everything goes as planned you will receive a live insect and the both of you will be happy, however receiving a dead insect can be heart breaking and we want to do everything we can to avoid that. Ensure that you or somebody will be home to receive the package. Live insects especially mantises can not sit in the sun outside your door. Even if your insects get delivered fast and survive they still have been stressed. Unpack and place your new friend in a humid container. A quiet spot with dim light and leaving it alone overnight. Some light misting and a few fruit flies is a good idea. We reserve the right to delay any shipments of live insects for their safety, if the location of delivery is above 90°F or below 40°F we will notify you about the delay.

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